The Truth about Your Age and Your Value to Employers

Many job search candidates are over 45, and concerned that their age is a large obstacle to finding a job. Research indicates that this is not the reality in today’s job market. Mature workers bring value: they are able to make better decisions, train/mentor others, and work as part of a team. They bring a larger network as well as the capability to achieve greater things. Below are listed several common myths and the actual facts that disprove them.

Myth #1
Older workers can’t learn as well as younger workers.
The fastest growing group of Internet users is over age 50.

Myth #2
Older workers don’t cope well with change.
Mature workers have endured numerous changes, and are best suited to deal with change.

Myth #3
Older people don’t work as hard as younger people.
Department of Labor states that workers over 50 work harder than their younger counterparts.

Myth #4
Older workers are too expensive.
Experienced talent brings added value to the work and co-workers.

Myth #5
Older workers are more likely than younger workers to leave for another job.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics claims that 55 to 64 year-old workers have a median length of service of 9.3 years while 25 to 34 year-olds have a median tenure of only 2.9 years.

Myth #6
Older workers cannot adapt to new technologies.
Research confirms that motivation, not age, is primarily linked to the ability to use technology.

Myth #7
Mature workers are not committed to success of their employers; they are just coasting until they retire.
Studies support that most mature workers have a strong sense of work ethic and high level of loyalty to their employers.

Myth #8
Older workers are sick more often.
The American Council of Life Insurance reports that people 45 and older call in sick an average of 3.1 days per year compared to 3.8 days per year for those 44 and under.


Written by guest blogger Todd Nicholas, Senior Career Counselor/Lead Trainer.

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