Time to Go Back to Leadership 101

It’s time to get back to Leadership 101!  Back to a time when a handshake meant something, when respecting others was just basic human nature, and when helping others felt more powerful than hurting others.  Leadership basics pertain to all of us, not just to those in a position of power.   Leadership is about making difficult decisions, it’s about doing the right thing when the alternative may be easier, and it’s about taking action and inspiring others to do the same.  It starts at home, and moves out from there.

Anyone who has studied leadership, or played basketball, or has any interest in sports or team development, has heard of the legendary basketball coach, John Wooden.  He taught his teams powerful lessons, lessons to be used both on and off the basketball court.  This is a link to an article written by Dan Oswald on the 12 Wonderful Lessons from John Wooden.  It was written back in June 2010 about a week after Wooden passed away.  A lot has happened in the past seven years, but these wonderful lessons will stand the test of time.

Enjoy the read and make these leadership lessons a part of your home and your life!

Written by guest blogger Roberta Bemiller, Leadership Development Consultant/Coach

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