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I’m a big fan of assessments!  Not too many people will openly admit that, but I do.  I use them in just about every engagement I’m working in, including leadership and executive coaching, succession planning, and team building.  I have my favorites, and I tend to stick to those assessments that have proven over time to work.  By work, I mean that they highlight the areas of personality and behavior that need to be addressed to move an individual or work team forward.

One of my favorite assessments is the FIRO-B Instrument, a tool used to identify unique interpersonal needs that strongly motivates behavior.  Ever wonder why a certain team member drives the other members crazy?  Or, what on earth could motivate an individual to behave a certain way?  Maybe you thought you understood your team members, but have come to discover that what you thought was important to them is not important at all!

FIRO-B is a great tool for understanding which of the three interpersonal needs is most important to each team member, and how they typically will respond to different situations.  Once people understand more about why they behave the way they do, they then can make better choices in how they behave in similar situations going forward.

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Written by guest blogger Roberta Bemiller, Leadership Development Consultant/Coach

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