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Talent Topics and Trends: Re [building, boarding, imagining]

CPIBN hosted another Talent Topics and Trends discussion to share best practices, share ideas and ask questions with a group of senior-level Organizational Development and HR thought leaders on the return to work throughout WNY. The focus was on how to ‘re’ build, ‘re’ board, and ‘re’ imagine the workplace as local businesses start welcoming employees back into the office.

Mary Ellen Frandina
Chief Administrative Officer
Evans Bank
Laura Nicholls
Senior Manager, Change Management & Learning
Lindsay Zajac
Ahern, Murphy & Associates
Laurie Collins
Strategic Human Resources and Culture Leader
Columbus McKinnon
Felicia Jones
Director of Talent and Development
Walsh Duffield Companies, Inc.
Erin Johnson
VP, Global Human Resources and Marketing
Kristine Weller
Director, Learning and Development
Independent Health
Susan Was
VP Human Resources
AAA Western and Central New York
Karen Taylor
Director, Strategic HRBP
HealthNow New York, Inc.
Jill Helm
Sr. Vice President of Human Resources

The sharing of best practices and strategies around this topic created a lot of energy and insight. Each panelist agreed that this is a critical time for organizations as they navigate difficult decisions that will impact employee attraction and retention, customer and client relationships, and the overall culture of an organization.

In the coming weeks, we will begin to answer these questions as the Talent Topics, and Trends group reconvenes to share what’s working, what isn’t, and what needs to change going forward. 
We would also love to hear from you about what your organization is doing and any insights you can share about what you’ve learned through the process. Feel free to reach out to us at: or and let us know if we can share your insights with a larger audience through LinkedIn and our blog posts.
  • When do they begin bringing employees back into the office?
  • Which model do they adopt? Is it hybrid or back to normal operations?
  • Which roles need to be in the office full-time?
  • What does a hybrid model look like, and can it be easily implemented?
  • How many employees will choose not to come back due to early retirement?
  • How many employees will choose a different role with another company?
  • How do they retain top talent?
  • Will companies be willing in the long term to provide flexibility to keep employees engaged?
  • What will the war for talent look like?
  • How will companies attract talent given the likelihood that candidates will have multiple options?
  • How many candidates will renege on offers?
  • What impact will the war for talent have on compensation?
  • What impact will different return to work models have on the overall corporate culture?
  • How will companies need to adjust their communication strategies to keep employees informed?
  • What impact will different return to work models have on collaboration and creativity?

Your CPIBN Team

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