Talent Topics and Trends discussion: Re-Entry

Remote? Hybrid? Masks on? Masks off? 

Summer return to work? Fall return to work?

It’s enough to make anyone’s head spin! It’s a kaleidoscope of decisions that need to be made by organizations regarding re-entry into the world of work. Just a few short months ago, it looked like the plans put in place by key decision-makers would take place, then the new Covid variant gained strength. Now those in charge are scratching their heads and scratching those plans while waiting for new data and new guidelines to emerge.

Some companies have stuck with their plans and brought employees back into the office. However, many are still waiting for more information from health and government officials before moving forward with any plan.

 At the same time, employees are rethinking their plans about work as they face several decisions as well. The health and well-being of elderly parents, school-age children, scheduling changes, and alike are all impacting the demands placed on employees and how and if they re-enter the workforce. Staffing and retention issues caused by Covid have brought the ‘War for Talent’ full circle. Companies need to incorporate the needs of employees into their re-entry plan if any plan is going to work. Gone are the days of working 9 to 5 in the office (I think I hear a song!). This pandemic has taught us a lot about life and what’s important, and that work schedule no longer makes the list. We’ve proven that work can be done effectively, efficiently, and differently than ever before.

The jury is still out, and while we wait, we at CPIBN will be working closely with senior leaders in HR and Administration to learn more about what’s working and what isn’t.

Look for our newsletter coming out in September, where we will be sharing insights gained from the Talents Topics and Trends group that will be reconvening the first week in August.

If you missed our introduction to our Talent Topics and Trends panelists, please visit our post here.

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