Talent Management Cycle

What better way to celebrate Rounded Pi Day (3.146, 3/14/16) than by showcasing how we can help you manage your company’s Talent Management Cycle?


Talented employees are the backbone of any organization, and they are harder to Attract, Retain, Develop, and Transition than ever before.  Human Resource professionals are responsible for directing the Talent Management Cycle, and in many cases with fewer staff.  We, at CPIBN, are in the business of supporting the HR community in managing this employee life cycle more effectively.

Attracting qualified talent is the critical first spoke of the cycle.  We design customized talent selection systems and provide valid assessment tools.  We identify critical competencies, develop success predictors, and consult with you on recruitment strategies.

Our employee retention and development programs include diverse array of leadership and management tools, including coaching, conflict management, decision making, delegating, mentoring, motivating, and performance management.  We develop a success model specific to your company’s needs and help you implement and manage your human capital enhancement programs.  We provide assessment and feedback, action planning, coaching, and support to promote changes that align leadership and organizational performance.  CPIBN has assisted thousands of individuals in the successful transition from their organizations to new careers.  We tailor solutions to your organization’s needs and budget, utilizing both individual and group programs.

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