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Taking Charge of the Unexpected

Losing a job is not something most people plan for. It can feel overwhelming, and you may not be sure where to start. Do you tell people right away? Who do you tell first? Are your finances in order? What about benefits? Where do you start in a new job search?

Below we compiled a task list of steps you should take during this uncertain time:

Share with those close to you:

  • Inform your spouse
  • Have a conversation with your children
  • Notify close friends and family

Apply for Benefits:

  • Apply for Unemployment Benefits
  • Research state benefits

Develop a Transition Financial Plan:

  • Evaluate finances and make a budget
  • Renegotiate loan payments with creditors

Take Care of You:

  • Practice self-care. Eat healthy foods, exercise, connect with friends and family.
  • Be mindful of your mental health. Make sure you have an understanding of the states of loss, and if you feel stuck in a negative stage, get help.

Prepare to Start Your Job Search:

  • Research Career Transition Programs. 
  • Create a work area at home to search for jobs; this should include a desk, computer, phone, etc.
  • Explore self-assessments to gain an understanding of who you are as an individual today and job areas that may be interesting to explore.

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