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People Who Make Decisions Based on Fear, Never Make Great Decisions

When is the right time to think about your future? A critical look back at yesterday? Today?  What about tomorrow?  The answer is to develop a daily practice of resiliency.  When a life event comes knocking on the door, people find themselves at a place in time when they have to make a hasty decision. […]

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Windows & Circles

How many times have you heard the old adage “If you are not growing, you are dying”? A tad on the morbid side, right?! Although more applicable to plant life, there is an abundance of truth when it comes to us humans as well. I believe that we are driven by three circles of growth

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Hiring Trends: 2017

With a job market that is continuing to improve, CPIBN and CPI agree with Forbes’ Dan Schwabel’s best practices for hiring and retention in 2017: 1. Improved Candidate, Employee Experiences 2. The Rise Of The Blended Workforce 3. Reviews Evolve From Annual To Continuous 4. Millennials Meet Gen Z 5. Augmented, Virtual Reality Revolutionize Recruiting and Training 6.

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‘Tis the season! The giving season, that is!  While “giving back” is typically synonymous with the winter holiday season, people (and companies!) are finding the importance of volunteering and spreading of good will throughout the year.  Volunteering can actually help advance a person’s career or a company’s growth! Five ways volunteering can advance your career:

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When Networking Gets Social

Not your parents’ Thursday at the Square anymore, Queen City Social has taken the weekly Thursday night happy hour and given it the Buffalo renaissance make-over.  New restaurants, local sponsors, and local bands will be showcasing Fountain Square, Buffalo’s professionals now have another reason to enjoy downtown every Thursday from June 30th-August 4th. With over 85% of

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