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Case Study: Mechanical Engineer Career Transition

Job elimination is painful, no matter how you look at it. We realize that career transition can be a difficult time and yet also be a time of opportunity.  With CPIBN, every departure is transformed into a success story. We provide transition programs which are uniquely designed and administered to address the personalized needs of both impacted individuals and the company.

Simon, a mechanical engineer, received a CPIBN program after being transitioned out of his role with a local, Buffalo manufacturing company.  With the help and guidance gained through participating in the core modules of his program, Simon was able to create a targeted and strategic approach to his job search and was ultimately successful in securing a position.  However, he received an offer for his dream job two months after he began work at his new organization.  The CPIBN program does not end when candidates accept their new jobs, and Simon met with his counselor to weigh his options.

Should he stay where he was, or should he go after his dream?  Read more, here.

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