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Start of a New Season

Sneak peek of the new art installation at Shea’s Performing Arts Center by Jessie and Katey in conjunction with the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, which is replacing the “Stars of the Season” mural.

Welcome to the new CPIBN blog page!  In honor of Shea’s Performing Arts Center’s new makeover and our 30th Anniversary, we decided that we needed a better place to bring helpful and motivational information to our candidates, clients, WNY, and beyond!  While we may not have the same visual impact as Jessie and Katey, the artists chosen by Shea’s and the Albright-Knox to complete the downtown mural, we hope to provide vibrant information about talent and career management and spread some Buffalove in the process.

Just as Shea’s is updating it’s look and we’re expanding our reach, you too should be working to continually grow as a professional.  Your passions are constantly changing and shifting, and what better time to explore them than now?  Today’s traversing career path means that you are free to make changes in your life and take risks.  Depending on where you are in your life and career you may not be able to make a drastic change, but there are opportunities to explore side businesses or part-time classes.  If you could choose one dream to follow today, what would it be?

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