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People Who Make Decisions Based on Fear, Never Make Great Decisions

When is the right time to think about your future? A critical look back at yesterday? Today?  What about tomorrow?  The answer is to develop a daily practice of resiliency.  When a life event comes knocking on the door, people find themselves at a place in time when they have to make a hasty decision. Often it doesn’t turn out well for anyone involved.  Working with individuals in career transition, lifestyle changes, or exploring new horizons in retirement, I know that those who build resiliency allows for opportunity.

We are constantly encouraged to be mindful and live in the moment and that is true. We can however adopt a mindset to create options and choices.  Difficult decisions through life’s transitions can then allow for a little less stress.  The pursuit of opportunity needs to be a part of the way we think on a daily basis. This doesn’t have to be demanding, time consuming or difficult, it just needs to be the way we live our day.  We might have to jack up the level of intensity when life demands it but day-to-day it can become the way we roll.

Finish your degree, embrace technology, get that certification, stretch out of your comfort zone and put a few bucks in the bank. Learn to explore, ask questions, research and become a lifelong learner. Allow our mind to be open and embrace change.  Let’s have curious conversations and relish the opportunity to reciprocate but be the first to extend a hand.

Life has a way of tossing curve balls throughout a lifetime, you can count on it! We can’t control everything in life but doesn’t it make sense to build resiliency for the things that we can manage?  Although fear of the unknown has a way to intimidate, we can stockpile a well of resources day-by-day giving us the confidence to make the right decision when we least expect it.

By Dottie Austin

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