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Partner Relocation Assistance Program

One of the least known products within the suite of CPIBN services is our Partner Relocation Assistance Program. One of our valued corporate clients selected and relocated a senior executive to be part of their team. She was coming in from out of state with a husband and a school-age daughter in tow. 

Relocation can be difficult, especially when the region is entirely foreign to the family. How well will they adapt to a different culture, and where should the family reside? Is the city the right choice for them, or will they be better suited for the suburbs? Which school system is the right choice, or is a private institution the way to go? What will the job market be for the trailing spouse, and how will he navigate the hidden job market without an established network?

The questions and uncertainties go on and on and can be overwhelming. Knowing that they wanted to get their new executive acclimated and productive ASAP, this particular company swung into action and hired CPIBN to help provide the solutions for many of those uncertainties. We worked closely with the husband reconstructing both his resume and networking bio before facilitating a healthy number of high-level meetings for him. And just like that, he suddenly had a vibrant network growing like compound interest and assisting him with all of these issues. 

Trying to sweeten the pot when convincing those must-have candidates to pack up and move to Western New York? Consider adding this unique program to the compensation package. It may very well be that someone else in the household is the one that needs to be convinced.

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