You are not selling your job title!

During times of career transition we often wonder what’s next. Who will hire me? Will I make enough money to pay the bills? Most job seekers move directly to resume development and networking. If the goal is to identify a quality career that is right for you at this time of your life, then it is critical to understand that you are not selling your job title.  What you are selling is your skills set, your expertise, and how you may add value to an organization. Take a self-assessment, review what you have to offer a potential employer, and know how that aligns with opportunities.

The benefit of realizing your marketable strengths, understanding your passion, and knowing your preferred skills leads to a well-organized, focused resume and job search campaign. You will also be better prepared to answer interview questions and sell your skills, strengths, values, and achievements. Assessment data may yield information that could help you make better career decisions and carve out your job targets.

Know that you have more of a choice than you think you do.  Focusing on your job satisfiers and values is powerful and will give you direction. Preparation is paramount to your career transition success because it bolsters your confidence.

Before you send out your first resume, know who you are because you are much more than a job title!

Dottie Austin
CPIBN Co-Principal, and this month’s guest blogger!

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