Awesome People Can Make Your Company Great

“Why is it that I always get a whole person when what I really want is a pair of hands?” -Henry Ford Increase your hiring effectiveness! In an effort to find our clients the best possible candidates, CPIBN values the use of assessments as part of our talent acquisition process. We understand that the search [ ... ]

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#CPIBNgoesto Candidate A, Week Two

Now that she has a full week of modules, resume developing, and updates to her professional social media sites under her belt, Candidate A spent time starting her job search and really putting herself out there in terms of networking. Like most young professionals, Candidate A fancies herself computer and online savvy, so she starts [ ... ]

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Evolution of the Resume

One of the biggest mistakes that job seekers make when preparing for their search is to take an existing resume that is 5 or more years old, add a more recent role or position to it and consider it a “current” or “competitive” resume. Resumes have evolved significantly in the last decade as Hiring and [ ... ]

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#CPIBNgoesto Candidate A, Week One

Profile: Candidate A starts her journey after a recent restructuring of her company where she has been working in sales for four years.  She joined this company straight out of college, where she studied Marketing. The company she worked for offered her a program through CPIBN as a part of her separation package, and after speaking [ ... ]

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#CPIBNgoesto Series Launch

Today marks the launch of our new blog series entitled “#CPIBNgoesto.”  We are using the hashtag as a way to connect our social media followers to our movement as we show mock candidates go through each aspect of what our company offers. Inspired by the popular Instagram series “Follow me to,” we decided to show [ ... ]

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Love What You Do

How many people do you know who can honestly say that they love what they do?  Do you love what you do? I heard a statistic a few years back that 87% of the working population is unhappy in their current job.  That’s an awful lot of people spending an awful lot of time doing [ ... ]

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