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When Networking Gets Social


Not your parents’ Thursday at the Square anymore, Queen City Social has taken the weekly Thursday night happy hour and given it the Buffalo renaissance make-over.  New restaurants, local sponsors, and local bands will be showcasing Fountain Square, Buffalo’s professionals now have another reason to enjoy downtown every Thursday from June 30th-August 4th.

With over 85% of people landing their current roles through networking, enjoying this “upscale happy hour” could be a great opportunity to interact with colleagues on a professional and social level.  Buffalonians know that the six degrees of separation theory does not apply to Buffalo, it’s more like one or two degrees, so you never know if the one new contact you make at a Thursday evening happy hour has someone within their network who has an open position that happens to be your dream job.

The key to successfully networking at an event is to be genuine and to be yourself.  These events are great opportunities to work on the classic “Tell me about yourself?” or “What have you been up to?” questions, natural lead-ins to your 30-second commercials or elevator pitches.  Networking at a social event can also be a bit more relaxing, helping you feel more comfortable talking to people you may not know or haven’t seen recently.  Attending events, such as the Queen City Social, also provides for easier, graceful exits from conversations that seem to linger at more formal networking events.

Time to dust off your 30-second commercials and get ready to mingle, Thursday at the Squares are back!

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