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Time is the most precious commodity we have. Each minute is an asset that once spent, you will never get back. Your time is perhaps the most meaningful thing you can share with someone else. You don’t have to be productive every minute of the day, because time spent in relaxation and enjoyment is time well spent. But just as you try not to waste money, be careful not to waste time. Remember that growing older is a privilege that is not afforded to everyone. It is extremely beneficial to work with a professional to take a systematic approach to preparing for all components of a successful transition from work.

The whole concept of giving up work is dramatically changing. The world populations are living longer and healthier lives, and for most that gives us more time. Understand it isn’t the retirement or lifestyle of a generation ago. Everyone will have a work departure that will have a unique path. Assessing your preferences in life is key to planning your future. Exploring beyond the dollars and sense of your retirement will serve you well as you ponder the other facets of life.

Start by asking yourself some powerful questions. Be honest with yourself. If you decide to continue to work in some role, what needs will you seek to fulfill? How are you feeling? Did you know that two of the nine commonalities that lead to longer, healthier and happier lives are purpose and plant slant? Have you ever made a list of all that you like to do when you don’t have other commitments? Do you realize that a contradiction of leisure is that too much or too little can become stressful? And where would we be without our family and friends? Without relationships we fail to thrive.

We all need reminders about the obvious and the not-so-obvious, and we all need to create options that allow for agility and smart choices. The overwhelming task for all of us is to manage ourselves.

Written by guest blogger Dottie Austin, Principal

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