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Increase Your Face Value

In my role as Hub of the Universe, the most important tool in my toolbox is my smile. Not because of my dental work, but because I’m the first face the public sees when they enter our building. Transitioning folks who come to us arrive in a variety of mindsets, and most of them are apprehensive about the future and where and how they will find their next job opportunity.

The ones who come in looking the most afraid soften a bit when receiving a smile. Smiles can help throw a little party in your brain that helps you to relax and feel better. Who doesn’t like a party?! A smile can trigger a smile by another person and help to set the tone for what lies ahead and for building relationships.

Smiling says you are energetic, you are positive, you are open, and you are welcoming. Research shows that people who smile often feel more attractive, look younger, and have increased chances of living longer, happier lives. Who doesn’t want that?!

Your smile is a valuable and precious gift, and gifts are meant to be given. Smiles are powerful, contagious, and cost nothing. They speak a universal language, and without uttering a single word can speak volumes.

Remember that a smile you offer may just be the best thing that happens today to the person who receives it. In a world with so much violence and despair, perhaps if everyone smiled more we could begin to make the world a happier place. Who doesn’t want that?!

Everyone can be a director of first impressions, and increase their face value. Smile more. We can all make a difference, one smile at a time.

Written by guest blogger, Shelley Stoeckl, CPIBN’s Office Manager

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