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More than a hashtag, #GivingTuesday is a movement helping individuals and companies help others.

‘Tis the season! The giving season, that is!  While “giving back” is typically synonymous with the winter holiday season, people (and companies!) are finding the importance of volunteering and spreading of good will throughout the year.  Volunteering can actually help advance a person’s career or a company’s growth!

Five ways volunteering can advance your career:

  1. Expanding your personal and professional networks
  2. Learning new and transferable skills
  3. Opportunity for career exploration
  4. Building a track record of work for a specific cause
  5. Hiring managers value volunteerism

How volunteering can help a company:

  1. Increases corporate and community connections
  2. Instills company values
  3. Generates team building
  4. Boosts employee morale; employee attraction and retention
  5. Promotes positive company image

Whether you are looking to start a new volunteering venture, or are looking to diversify your giving, now is a great time to start.  #GivingTuesday is trending worldwide, and the movement’s website has a great portal for both individuals and companies looking to give back.  Another way to find volunteer opportunities specific to Buffalo and WNY is through VolunteerWNY, which allows you to find focused opportunities based on your expertise or interests.

Now is the perfect time to start helping others, get involved in your community, and meet new people along the way!

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