We provide a structured, methodical recruiting process that’s focused on hiring right the first time.

Executive Search

Executive Search

At Career Partners International Buffalo Niagara we provide experienced, full-time, professional search consultants ensuring strict confidentiality and a targeted search approach aligning candidate competencies, motivation, and fit with each client’s unique talent needs, organizational goals, and culture.  With our competency modeling process, you will gain an understanding of the traits and styles that fit well for a specific position, your company culture, and your company’s future growth.

We deliver on desired outcomes by finding top tier candidates to meet the organizational challenges of today and the future.  Our in-house, certified professionals offer expertise in comprehensive assessments, coaching, and mentoring.  Further, our professional on-boarding services minimize investment risk and ensure an efficient transition for your new team member.


Research indicates that 40% or more of executives fail or quit during the first 18 months of a new position and one in four executives leave in their first six months, all before they can productively contribute to the organization.  With our Executive Onboarding Strategy™, you set the stage for effective assimilation and engagement of your leaders for success in their new roles.  Utilizing a tailored approach based on the distinct needs of the individuals and your organization, our onboarding coaches help your newly hired and promoted executives to commit to their new roles and be more effective more quickly to achieve greater success and tenure with the company.

From understanding organizational expectations and your business imperatives to creating and implementing strategic action plans, our personal onboarding coaches and their structure approach ensures newly appointed executives can swiftly contribute to your organization’s strategic goals.  Your executives collaborate with our coaches to develop and implement their 30-60-90 day action plans using our exclusive LAUNCH™ Framework.  To ensure further organizational impact, the process incorporates feedback and reflection for executives to continually improve their effectiveness and the effectiveness of their teams.


Executive Search Consultants

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