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Evolution of the Resume

One of the biggest mistakes that job seekers make when preparing for their search is to take an existing resume that is 5 or more years old, add a more recent role or position to it and consider it a “current” or “competitive” resume.

Resumes have evolved significantly in the last decade as Hiring and HR Managers expectations have changed. There are a few key areas in which “world-class” resumes have evolved.

Professional SummaryIn the last decade, the opening section of the resume transitioned from an “Objective Statement” (talking about what you are looking for) to a “Professional Summary” (detailing your most marketable skills and experience). The “Professional Summary” should be targeted to your audience (particular company/position). It should also include all buzzwords that you want them to notice (Six Sigma, Sarbanes-Oxley, or Lean Manufacturing). After an initial sentence about your career/experience, your Summary should then move into “buckets” of skills and experience that are easily read and digested by your audience.

Professional Experience
The biggest evolution regarding the resume has been the shift from”experience-based” to “results-based” resumes. Every hiring manager cares more about what you achieved than what your responsibilities or job decription involved. For each job role, you should present two separate types of information in different formats. First, a short paragraph (2-4 sentences) outlining your responsibilities/job decription then a list of bullets which represent your results (achievements, accomplishments, goals met/exceeded, changes that you were involved in). Quantify your results whenever possible, numbers always “jump off the page” of a resume.

Your resume is the biggest marketing tool in your job search, make sure that yours presents you in the best possible manner…….

2 thoughts on “Evolution of the Resume”

  1. My resume worked for me! My story began when my former employer and I felt a mutual mismatch; our partnership was no longer effective. I never imagined I would be in that position and I wasn’t sure what I would do next! Step one for me was to regroup and take care of myself. A few weeks later I started working with CPI to refresh my job search skills, but I struggled with deciding what I wanted to do next. I considered the food industry, non-profits, and research groups. The support I received from others attending seminars at CPI helped me focus and keep searching for the right company: an organization that contributes to society and a better cultural fit. Job posting or not – I approached each one and it worked! I am so proud to say I am employed as a Product Development Engineer at Medical Acoustics, LLC, and part of a fantastic community on the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus. I joined a wonderful team and I believe in the work we do – I truly enjoy every day at my new job!

  2. Thank you Todd for your help with my resume! It now accurately highlights my experience in an orgainzed fashion. I feel confident sharing it with Human Resource professionals.

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