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Employee Highlight: Dottie Austin – Chance meeting opened doors to a lifetime journey and rewarding career

Dottie met Bob Caldwell, the founder of Career Partners International, in 1991, and that chance meeting opened doors to a lifetime journey and rewarding career. Under his mentorship, she became a business owner, partner, and career coach. Dottie is dedicated to helping people and organizations realize their goals through managing talent, achieving objectives, and tempering expectations. Working with individuals, her approach to change starts by meeting each person where they are to begin to build back. She has a proven record of supporting businesses during their significant transition while maintaining a level of integrity and protecting core values.

Dottie was with the company since its inception, affording her the opportunity to impact operations, strategic direction, and the financial arena of the business. Dottie was part of the team effort to develop and maintain quality standards through the global footprint through leadership positions with CPI headquarters.

As for the other part of her life, Dottie and her husband Jim live in the Southtowns. They have three grown children residing throughout the world, making for frequent traveling opportunities. Welcoming nine grandchildren for Buffalo visits keeps them busy and life interesting.

Dottie shares a few inspiring words:

When transitioning candidates embark upon their journey, it is not unusual for people to explain that they never feel they are living their career dream. I know they are not alone, as I hear that story nearly every day. We are not always defined by our job title, but we all believe that we are. When I look back at my life, I am more satisfied with my life than I ever dreamed. That satisfaction didn’t come only from my job. So easy to look back at the end of one’s career and believe it is so.  I know you can have it all in life, but not all at the same time.  We don’t become whole from one segment of our life, such as our career. It comes from family, lifelong learning, personal development, and finding your purpose in life.

We find our way; we look for opportunity, we take a chance, and then we take another. We begin again and try one more time. That is how most of us find our path. With a little bit of luck along the way, we can feel satisfied with our decisions. In her book The Flux Agents Guidebook, Dr. Bethany Miller advises that Flux Agents embody core attributes, and because of these, they adapt well in chaotic situations. Flux Agents have two specific personality traits; extraversion and openness to experience. Look for the possibilities.

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