Employability VS Employed

Think of a time at your job when you worked very hard, liked it, and accomplished something  that yielded a strong sense of achievement when you were fully engaged with the task at hand.  These are commonly called “peak moments”; those times you were certain that your contribution made a difference  in meeting or exceeding the desired goals. A generation ago an employee was empowered by having job security, a pension, full benefits, and a gold watch!  Not so with the workforce of the 21st Century.  The words passion, purpose, impact, and flexibility have embodied the unfolding labor force.

The “gig economy” is on our doorstep, suggesting that by 2030 a significant percentage of the workforce will be 1099’s, consultants, and project-based employment.  Multiple streams of income known as portfolio jobs currently play a huge role in the lives of our transitioning candidates. The War for Talent is in full gear, and retention is a hot topic in many industries today. Have we talked about artificial intelligence? Get ready because AI is projecting an elimination of hundred of thousands of jobs, BUT also creating three times as many new opportunities.

Take your pulse.  Understand your career-related strengths. Empower yourself to assume accountability with increased awareness and learn how to leverage those strengths most effectively. You will be challenged to undertake levels of responsibility and make ongoing contributions by making an investment in yourself.  The insight you gain ultimately leads to increased satisfaction and improved engagement in your workplace environment and will enhance your career goals.

Sometimes just thinking about where the workforce is going in the 21st Century has us all scratching our heads and wondering if these predictions will ever come true.  Will I be ready? Can I get excited about the innovation, flexibility, and passion that a career might offer? Maybe, but one thing I know for sure is that people who embrace change are happier!

Dottie Austin
CPIBN Co-Principal

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