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We don’t need no education.

Being in a management role doesn’t mean you’re just another brick in the company wall, leadership and professional development is critical and vital for individual growth and company growth.  SHRM adds:
  • Leadership development can solve organizational problems.
  • Leadership development can affect the bottom line positively.
  • Leadership development can align leadership style with the current situation.
CPIBN wants to help current and future leaders thrive in their current roles and help determine future goals for success.  The Excellence in Leadership Program was designed for individuals in supervisor/managerial positions that are either new to management or in need of sharpening critical leadership skills.  The focus of our semester-long curriculum is to teach leadership skills/tool sets enabling participants to drive business performance.  Each interactive session includes a homework assignment where participants must use the tools to assist in retention of key skills.
The hands-on learning, small and collaborative classes, and discussion based sessions have positioned managers for growth and success across industries throughout Western New York.  You can find out more information, here.

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