#CPIBNgoesto Series Launch

Today marks the launch of our new blog series entitled “#CPIBNgoesto.”  We are using the hashtag as a way to connect our social media followers to our movement as we show mock candidates go through each aspect of what our company offers.

Inspired by the popular Instagram series “Follow me to,” we decided to show images of our candidate from the back, to give you, our readers and followers, a view of what each candidate sees as they participate in our Transition classes, meet with our Leadership coaches, and/or seek out Recruitment help.  We will be changing candidates as each one lands their perfect new role, presenting you with different stories and candidates, as no two are the same.

We will be using our blog as the home-base of our series, and will archive each post in our “#CPIBNgoesto” menu option, because we still want to post other relevant information about our services.  You will be able to tell our series pictures apart from the others by the addition of our “Career Partners Connect” button placed in the bottom of the picture:


We hope that this image, in the future, will allow us to unify this movement with all of our other partners around the nation and globe!

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