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#CPIBNgoesto Candidate B, Week Two

Every CPIBN candidate finishes the boot camp modules with the idea that they are employed; for themselves as job seekers.  Repeatedly stressing the importance of treating the job search as a full time job makes the advice feel cliche, but it serves a purpose.  Embracing the mantra creates an understanding of the process and a structure around which to approach the search:

  • Set reachable goals; both big and small
  • Make a schedule
  • Show up everyday

Creating a plan not only helps focus a job search, but it helps maintain optimism through achieving smaller goals or tasks.  Candidate B creates a to-do list each day, sometimes with things that were not finished the day before or that are ongoing projects.  Having the focus of a plan, or to-do list, sparks motivation to be productive and finish each task, whether it be updating a LinkedIn profile, finally connecting with that one specific person, or completing a job application.  No task along the way to the ultimate end goal of landing a job is too small or trivial.  Each presents a hurdle, that once cleared, means your next job is one step closer.

How each candidate structures their new work day is based on how he or she works best.  For Candidate B, he’s always been an early riser and an early worker, and therefore, continues to work as a job seeker within that same daily structure.  Throughout his whole career, he has found that by getting up early and getting straight to work, he sets a tone for the entire day that, for him, is more productive and successful than getting a later start.


Being organized and having a set plan allows Candidate B to get a quick start to his work day at the CPIBN office.  By networking and reaching out to people early, before the endless meetings and projects and outings, Candidate B is giving himself the best opportunity to connect with different people in his network and tap into the hidden job market.  Another reason utilizing the CPIBN office as a professional work environment is that, because of the business casual attire request, Candidate B is ready for any last minute networking opportunity his morning calls may yield.

A job search is more of an exercise in self-improvement, Candidate B takes the experience optimistically; as an opportunity to reevaluate his career goals and what he wants from life as a whole (because there is more to life than the job search and work place).  This optimism is easier to sustain if there are opportunities to connect with people.   Candidate B maintains that another reason treating the job search as a full time job is important is because other people treat it as a full time job.  He knows that he will not be the only person at the CPIBN office when he shows up early each morning.  Being surrounded by other candidates with the same job title as him, and having access to CPIBN staff members and other guest presenters/speakers gives Candidate B a built in community of support.  It also prevents him from becoming isolated.  Isolating yourself is one of the biggest threats against remaining positive in a job search because no one is alone during their job search; CPIBN is a great resource for interacting with people, but coffee shops, libraries, any place outside of your house are great ways to feel connected to other people during your search and foster productivity.

The community and skills that CPIBN instilled in Candidate B his first time through the program has given him the ability to be optimistic about his current job seeker role.  And while this tenure will be short, he feels confident that wherever his work day may take place in the future #CPIBNgoesto(o).


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