#CPIBNgoesto Candidate B, Week One

Profile: Candidate B is not new to the CPIBN program, having gone through the bootcamp and entire job search process in the summer-fall of 2014.  Unfortunately, almost to the day one year later, he found himself downsized again from his Marketing Manager position with a local technical manufacturing company.  The CPIBN program was offered to Candidate B again as a part of his separation package, and he knew that CPIBN was the best place for him to go to get back into the job seeking process; he also encouraged other former co-workers to utilize their programs as well.  Once again, the first step in the process is stepping through the CPIBN front doors.

B Entry

Having been through the program before, Candidate A does not feel the same sort of panic and stress that usually accompanies a job loss or transition period.  Knowing that CPIBN helped him successfully once before means he already has the skills and disciplines that the program instills in each candidate.  He knows what to do, and having the ability to utilize the CPIBN resources means that he can quickly settle back into a routine and begin his job search.

Every job transition and search includes a period of reflection; should you remain on the same career path? have your passions changed? what kind of job would make you  happy now?  For Candidate B, his passion has always been with marketing.  Starting off with marketing coordinator roles, obtaining his MBA, and further growing into marketing manager and project management roles more of business development duties.  He knows that he wants to continue along the same career path, so his focus is on redeveloping his target companies and roles.

Having worked varied sized companies in the past, he likes the flexibility and opportunities to wear many hats as a part of a small company, but thinks that a mid-sized or large company will be able to offer him more in terms of growth and future opportunities.  When Candidate B was notified that his position was being terminated, the tools and principles that he gained from CPIBN were automatically triggered.  Routine and consistency help many candidates treat the job search as a job itself:

  • Get to CPIBN office early
  • Create a daily to-do list; may have overlap from day before
  • Search for new job postings
  • Seek out connections at target companies
  • Reach out to network

At CPIBN candidates are repeatedly told about the importance of networking and maintaining relationship, and Candidate B knows first hand the importance of connections.  He knows that his next perfect role is not likely to be posted on a job board, but from reaching out to his network and talking to people about his recent transition and what he’s looking for in his next role.  While the loss of a job is never easy, #CPIBNgoesto every effort to make sure candidates have every tool they need for a successful job search and Candidate B feels confident that the process will work for him once more.

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