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#CPIBNgoesto Candidate A, Week Five

Every job search has ebbs and flows, and while the ebbs seem to be never-ending, Candidate A has come to realize that all of the hard work put into her time working with CPIBN and utilizing the tools she has learned through the classes shes attending are beginning to pay off.  After submitting countless applications, Candidate A received an invitation to interview with a local marketing firm for a position she initially thought was a bit of a stretch, but thought would be a great learning experience in a more creative environment.

CPIBN’s Module 4 covers all aspects of the interview process including how best to prepare for interviews.  From her participation in the class, Candidate A knew that, while she was excited to get the call for an interview invitation, she needed to give herself time to prepare instead of jumping on the interview time slot the following day.  She also made sure to ask for specific directions, a general idea of the agenda for the interview, and for the names of each person she would be meeting with during that time.

Candidate A already did some basic research on the company before submitting her application for the position, but she went back to the company website to do more in depth research about the company culture, mission statement(s), community involvements, current and future projects, and staff members.  She also went on LinkedIn to become more familiarized with the people she would meet during her interview and double check for any connections she may have with the company.  Feeling more confident about understanding the company and the work or product they offer will allow Candidate A to ask more impressive questions and have a more productive dialogue with the interviewers, hopefully setting herself apart from the other job candidates.  This is also Candidate A’s opportunity to interview the organization as well to test whether this organization would be a good fit for her, should she receive an offer.

Another way Candidate A is going to make herself stand out from the other interviewees is through her interview package.

Interview Prep

The interview package is a folder that Candidate A will leave with each interviewer as a way to give them information they already have or will obtain during the interview, as well as additional information that is important for them to have, but may not have time to discuss during the actual interview.  Interview packages should contain the following, but will vary depending on the job or candidate:

  • Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • List of References
  • Example of Work
  • Performance Review or Evaluation
  • Letters of Recommendation (2-3)
  • A 30/60/90 Day Plan (if applicable)
  • Personal Business Card

Having a folder to leave with each interviewer is an impressive way to insure that they will remember Candidate A.  The information she is presenting to them is not new information or information they would not ultimately receive, but putting in the hard work to anticipate their needs and put everything together in a nice package for the interviewers shows that Candidate A is a self-starter, organized, and will do what it takes to show the interviewers that she is the right fit for their organization.

Candidate A also reviews the job description in more detail and makes notes where her skills are directly transferable and where they are not.  Where her skills are not directly transferable, she makes sure that she mentions past experiences or situations where she did utilize the skills the company is looking for, but in a different way.  This is Candidate A’s opportunity to show the company that while her resume may not check off every box in the job description, she has other life experiences and has gained skills from other work projects or during school that make her the perfect fit.

Making the effort to prepare for the interview will allow Candidate A to feel more relaxed and confident.  CPIBN works to see its candidates succeed in their job search, and through all the help she’s received thus far, Candidate A knows that while she will walk into the office alone, #CPIBNgoesto the interview with her.

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