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#CPIBNgoesto Candidate A, Week 7

Every job search includes a period playing the waiting game.  Patience pays off, however, and after another round of interviews and meeting with other members of the company, Candidate A is finally able to shed the Job Seeker job title and begin the transition into a new role and job title.

CPIBN’s involvement in the job search does not end with a job offer.  Candidate A participated in the Negotiating a Job Offer class and sat down with a counselor one-on-one to discuss the details of her specific offer.  While the class offers the idea that “every offer is negotiable,” Candidate A and her counselor both agreed that, in this situation, negotiating was not necessary given the terms of her offer coupled with her limited experience and “green-ness.”  This role is a great opportunity for Candidate A to utilize the skills she gained during school and her last sales position while helping her grow her passion for working with people in a creative environment.

Candidate A is also taking away a new attitude and approach to career as a whole.  Her time at CPIBN and participation in the Career Resiliency class have allowed her to focus on the creation of Her, Inc.  There has been a shift in terminology from job security to career resiliency, and Candidate A feels more prepared to take responsibility of her career, her job performance, and her continuing education and development due to her time spent with CPIBN.  Candidate A did not just learn how to find a job, she learned more about herself and what she deserves and expects from her career, both now and in the future.

During her interview preparation, Candidate A created a 30/60/90 day plan to include in the interview packet she gave to each member of the company with whom she met.  Now, Candidate A takes time to re-evaluate the plan, make edits and changes, and start to implement her action plan.  The first impressions she makes with the company are important to reinforce that she is the right person for this position.

  • First 30 Days meet/learn/understand – forming relationships and gathering advice
  • Days 31-60 strategize/plan – how things get done in the office
  • Days 61-90 execute – shift from reactive to proactive

Utilizing a 30/60/90 day plan with check-up meetings or brief evaluations with her manager will allow Candidate A to make the most out of her first few months with the company and grow from a new hire to an effective leader and team member.

CPIBN makes sure to celebrate the success of each candidate, and Candidate A is excited to participate in her own Back to Work party and share her story with current candidates, CPIBN alum, and staff members.  She found that the most important thing she learned during her transition is that she was never alone in her search.  CPIBN creates a community, a network of support, for each person who walks through the front doors; working to provide information, tools, and knowledge for a successful career transition.  This community will continue to exist and be available to Candidate A during her whole career and development as a professional because wherever Candidate A goes, #CPIBNgoesto(o).


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