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Celebrate the Little Things

The Winter Olympics are now history, and the medal winners have all gone home victorious.  Big reasons to celebrate!  What about the athletes that went home without medals?  I think they too are winners just because they are Olympians, and they too should celebrate.

Not all athletes can make it to the Olympics, and not everyone who makes it there can win a medal.  Most baseball players do not make it to the Hall of Fame.  Some sit on the bench and serve as substitutes when needed.  But they all still have good careers.

As you transition to your next career opportunity, ask yourself if you need or want to be a gold medal winner or an everyday contributor.  Both have value in any organization.  Statistically, the everyday contributors make up the largest portion of the employee complement.

I’m hoping that all Olympians went home and celebrated.  In their own ways, they contributed to their sports and to the overall success and enjoyment of this year’s Olympics. Celebrations are in order! And I hope the people of PyeongChang are celebrating too for all their hard work as hosts.

Everyday, we each contribute in ways we don’t even think about, and we should take time to at least tell ourselves “job well done” and celebrate.

This year, all of us at CPIBN are celebrating … our clients, our candidates, and ourselves.  We celebrate our clients for their willingness to provide transition programs to outplaced staff.  We celebrate the candidates for taking the first step to come in, start their programs, and work hard toward finding their next opportunity. And when they land that next opportunity, well … there’s pizza!

Large things or small things, if we all look hard enough we can find things to celebrate.  Isn’t life itself worth celebrating? Cheers!

Written by guest blogger Shelley Stoeckl, Office Manager

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