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Adding The WorkPlace Big Five Assessment Into Your Hiring Process

You may know of The WorkPlace Big Five assessment, a personality assessment based on the five-factor personality model. But, did you know this assessment can serve as a great tool during your hiring process?
Here are five of the reasons you should implement this tool:
  1. During an interview, it’s common to ask candidates about their strengths and weaknesses. It’s also common to be a little biased throughout that process. We can ask guiding questions, or sometimes candidates are anticipating these questions and can provide well-scripted answers. Using The WorkPlace Big Five, we see objective data on a candidate’s potential strengths and areas of weakness.
  2. As you familiarize yourself with this assessment, it can serve as a guide in developing more focused behavioral-based interview questions. Having a solid interview process in advance can help save time as your narrow down your final candidates.
  3. The hiring manager can gain greater clarity around the type of person that best fits the position. The hiring manager identifies the ideal profile for each position and then looks at candidate results to see whether there is a fit.
  4. Candidates can excel in many areas. They may meet all the qualifications and more. However, if the company’s culture isn’t a good fit for the candidate, it will lead to an unhappy environment. By utilizing this assessment tool, you’ll get a better idea of whether the culture is a good fit, leading to better retention.
  5. As much as we’d like a candidate to be a 100% fit in the position, it’s highly unlikely. Understanding the candidate’s development areas before they are hired will help develop a plan to get them to where you need them to be. This assessment can help with where to focus development and training dollars on enhancing performance.
If you have any questions on The WorkPlace Big 5, please reach out to Roberta.

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