Our Owners

It was the early 1980’s. Robert W. Caldwell, HR executive at Bethlehem Steel, was charged with the downsizing of the iconic industry giant, an event that would last several years and impact thousands of families. Then, late in 1985 came Bob’s turn to be downsized. From this unique insider’s view of a plant closing, he envisioned the need for an outplacement firm in town. In 1986, Bob founded RW Caldwell Associates. His mission for displaced employees throughout the region was a simple one of “Hope and Help.”

We joined Bob in those efforts in 1988 (Dottie) and 2000 (Mark) because we shared his passion for that mission. When he retired in 2007, Bob successfully completed another mission of his; “keeping it in the family.” We entered into a new partnership of our own built on faith and trust in each other, and purchased the firm from our founder. Soon after, we rebranded the firm to Career Partners International Buffalo | Niagara, and expanded our suite of services by creating Leadership Development and Search divisions as well, serving as natural complements to our core business. But throughout the changes, we have never lost sight of Bob’s initial vision. Integrity and a high degree of professionalism characterize our activities today just as they did in 1986.

Every day we have a unique opportunity to impact the lives of individuals who are hurt, scared, and extremely unsettled. Fear of the unknown has a tendency to escalate when you are alone and trying to conduct a job search from your dining room table! The career center becomes a base of operations, the opportunity to interact with others who find themselves in transition, and to receive counseling from a group of dedicated professionals.

We have always had, and continue to have, a strong stake in the region where we conduct business. Beyond being attuned to the business climate, we strive each day to be a good corporate citizen, and we recognize that the community we serve is the same community in which we live. We understand fully the need to give our talents and resources back to the community and consistently look for those opportunities to do so.

To be considered a trusted advisor by so many for so long, is an honor we accept with the deepest gratitude and humility.


Dottie Austin and Mark Weigel
CPIBN Co-Principals

We’re A Little Different

Our partnership with Career Partners International, one of the most respected career management organizations in the world, dates back to 1986. Through CPI, we are able to serve clients at more than 200 state-of-the-art facilities around the world – all dedicated to career transition. CPIBN/CPI truly is your local partner with global expertise.

Our distinction lies in your sense of belonging while you are here. It is a feeling of being part of a family dedicated to one thing – your career success. It is a sense of being with people who have walked in your shoes and are willing to get inside your head with you as we help you work your way through this most important career and life journey. It is a sense that you can trust us to guide you through this transition as much as we will trust you to embrace our unique process.

To experience the “CPIBN Connection” you will have to trust your instincts and good judgment. Poke around as much as you like. Ask us every question on your mind. Visit with our clients – past and present. Check our references. Validate our reputation. Talk with our staff. Before coming to CPIBN we want you to be comfortable with your decision to come.  We welcome your scrutiny. We welcome your comparisons. We invite you to join us and become one of the thousands of our unique success stories for whom there are no comparisons.


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Developing top performers

Executive Search

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Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Career Partners International Buffalo | Niagara will always be the leading and most respected provider of talent management services to the Western New York community.

Our Mission

Career Partners International Buffalo | Niagara is a career and talent management firm providing effective, ethical services to recruit, retain, coach, and transition talent. We deliver world-class services that exceed client expectations.


Career Partners International Buffalo | Niagara is guided by the following values each day, every day:

  • Respect for the individual…consider the dignity and rights of employees and candidates
  • Personal and corporate integrity…it defines who we are
  • Honoring our commitments…whatever the cost, deliver what we promise
  • Service to our community…give back, without expecting a return
  • Doing what is right…there is no other way
  • Deliver quality service…for candidates and clients alike

Bob Caldwell

Our Founder

Bob Caldwell

We recognize the profound vision and the tenacity of Bob as he pioneered the outplacement business in Western New York.  In 1986, after finishing his tenure at Bethlehem Steel as the HR Superintendent, Bob found himself in a career transition and launched RW Caldwell Associates (later re-named as Career Partners International Buffalo | Niagara).  Under his leadership, Bob grew the business and joined Career Partners International which enabled the consulting firm to deliver transition services throughout the world.  We sincerely thank Bob for building a solid foundation to continue his work.

Diversity Policy

CPIBN is committed to ensuring that the services we provide meet the varied individual needs and expectations of all staff and candidates alike and that everyone has equal access to services, regardless of their race, heritage, gender, religious or non-religious belief, nationality, family background, age, disability, or sexuality. We aim to ensure that our contractors, strategic partners, and others who deliver our services also share our core values.