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A Solid Career Transition Assistance Program

A Solid Career Transition Assistance Program may be the most important severance benefit you provide to a separated employee.

No matter the economic environment, “rightsizing” impacts corporations across all industries without discrimination.  Reductions in the workforce continue to appear on the front page of every newspaper with alarming regularity.  Executives are facing extraordinarily tough decisions in the design of severance packages supporting exiting employees.

For the Separated Employees…what is the value of Career Transition Assistance?

Being laid off is a traumatic event in the life of the employee and his/her family.  The best programs are designed to help the employee overcome this trauma while also providing the tactical weapons they will need.  The most effective will:

Help the individual overcome the grief, anxiety, anger, fear, and blow to confidence enabling them to prepare to enter the “War to Re-employ” in the shortest timeframe possible.

Arm your former associates with an arsenal of tactical weapons proven to increase success in the “War to Re-employ”.

  • Create a market-driven, results-oriented resume in the shortest timeline possible.
  • Proactively market your separated employee to prospective companies rather than passively making a database available to the public.  Provide guidance and support in creating a customized marketing campaign.
  • Rigorously prepare candidates for the interview process through mock interviews and feedback.
  • Pick candidates back up after a rejection, dust them off, and coach them through lessons learned to help them get back into the fight with confidence and stamina.

For the Sponsoring Employer…the value of providing Career Transition Assistance is cost savings and risk reduction.

Employees given the benefit of a solid program have an enhanced opportunity to re-employ faster than those who don’t.  As a result, the employer can save in many ways not always considered:

  • Fewer unemployment claims reduce the employers’ insurance contribution rate.
  • Employees are less likely to linger on your health plans via COBRA reducing the claims exposure.
  • Successfully re-employed employees, well treated in transition, are less likely to file post-employment claims for unlawful harassment, discrimination, or other disparate treatment types of claims.

Over …

  • Those employees left behind, not part of the RIF, are watching how separated employees are treated.  You end up with a happier, more productive remaining workforce.
  • A community that regards you as a good corporate citizen.  A little goodwill goes a long way!  Your reputation is golden!

Since 1986, CPIBN has provided many companies like yours with customized programs that help displaced employees execute smooth career transitions.  We offer a complete suite of services, complete with pre-event planning & consultation, tailored to your needs and/or budget. 

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