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6 Highlights of our Career Transition Program

We at Career Partners International are experts in career transitions, and have helped thousands of individuals successfully achieve their career goals. We tailor each individual’s programs to their specific situation and provide resources and personalized coaching to help one successfully shift into the next phase of their career.

Here are a few highlights of what you’ll have access to throughout your program:


You will be exposed to a variety of networking opportunities to help increase your presence in your community. Career Partners specifically designed these opportunities to help increase your visibility for job leads, helping you build your networking skills along with expanding both your personal and professional network.

High Impact Resume:

You will be helped in identifying your career skills and articulating your personal brand advantage. Within a few days, you will have a draft of your highly impactful resume. Your resume will go through a series of stringent quality reviews from our experts to ensure that you have the most powerful resume that will attract your desired employers’ attention.

Closing the Deal:

You will be taught interviewing strategies that will aid you in navigating an interview. You will be invited to participate in rehearsals to help you build the confidence you need to be successful. Your consultant will provide you with negotiation tips to help you walk away with the best offer.

Personal Touch:

You will receive 1:1 coaching throughout your program through an assigned career consultant. Our consultants understand your unique needs and interests and create customized programs to fit you as an individual.

Social Media Strategy:

With social media being a big part of the world today, we have a series of Dos and Don’ts for utilizing social media to aid in your job search. We also provide advice and assistance in creating a social media strategy for networking and job leads. 

Gain Momentum(TM):

With our proprietary online career technology, Momentum(TM), you can access a comprehensive menu of professional tools and resources, with topics from resume building to targeting companies and negotiating offers.

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