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Talent management solutions that drive organizational performance, Career Partners International Buffalo Niagara has the power you need.

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CPIBN delivers career coaching services through certified career coaches with the industry’s best coach-to-participant ratio.

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We provide opportunities for in-house and community networking events, and direct access to our leadership and search capabilities. This ensures positive outcomes for your brand reputation, departing employees, workforce productivity, engagement, and morale.


Our coaches take the time to understand and appreciate the complex environments in which executives operate and collaborate on engagement plans. We tailor flexible solutions for our client organizations and for their key leaders so you meet your business objectives, increase productivity and employee engagement, and reduce unwanted attrition.

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Each leadership development program is tailored to your specific needs for optimal relevancy, impact, and sustainability. Participants acquire the ability to navigate strategic and cultural changes, creating a transparent, respectful, accountable, and growth oriented environment for both employees and leaders along with the strategic intent to develop future leaders.


We provide a structured, methodical recruiting process that’s focused on hiring right the first time. We provide experienced, full-time, professional search consultants ensuring strict confidentiality and a targeted search approach aligning candidate competencies, motivation, and fit with each client’s unique talent needs, organizational goals, and culture.

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Global expertise

Through CPI, we are able to serve clients at more than 200 state-of-the-art facilities around the world – all dedicated to career transition. CPIBN/CPI truly is your local partner with global expertise.


Our distinction lies in your sense of belonging while you are here. It is a feeling of being part of a family dedicated to one thing – your career success.


Here at CPIBN we have a vast network ranging from local executives to alumni who have been through our program. We pride ourselves in making those life-long connections.

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Listen to our partners and clients/candidates discuss who CPIBN is and how they help individuals find success.

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